El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Delicious Meal at Trattoria D’Gulio

Aug 4, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Delicious Meal at Trattoria D’Gulio

El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Delicious Meal at Trattoria D’Gulio

El Cid Timeshare states that when going on vacation, many people want to enjoy different types of delectable cuisines that can be found all throughout the world. While staying at the stunning Riviera Maya property, guests can dine on a delicious meal that they will surely love. Not only does the Riviera Maya Resort restaurant offer tasty brick-oven pizzas and other Italian cuisine, but there is a relaxing atmosphere that offers soothing opera music floating throughout the space.

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El Cid Timeshare Highlights Charming Towns in Mazatlán

Jul 22, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare states that Mazatlán has much to offer its guests. There are a plethora of stunning attractions and exhibits that visitors will find truly fascinating. Some of these attractions include the aquarium, water activities, the pristine beaches, the Angela Peralta Theater, and many other historical sites. Another great way to experience Mazatlán is by touring all of the picturesque towns that are in the area. Each town has something unique and exciting to show people and guests will be absolutely in awe of how beautiful the towns are. These are some of the top towns to check out when visiting Mazatlán.

  • El Quelite: This town is located about half an hour north of Mazatlán and offers a well-kept historic culture. When visiting this town, guests will be able to appreciate the ancient customs that the native people abide by, as well as the original architecture that dates back to old rural Mexico. Visitors are able to view this town by a walking tour, or while riding a horse or donkey.
  • El Rosario: Some of the most notable attractions in the town of El Rosario date back to the 17th century and there is some stunning architecture to prove it. A baroque temple, the church of Nuestra Señora de El Rosario, is one of the oldest buildings in the area and boasts a gold plated alter design. Other exciting sites include the Octagonal Spanish Cemetery, the beach at El Caimanero, and the Hacienda of Cocoyotl en Agua Verde.
  • Copala: El Cid Timeshare states that the town of Copala has been inhabited since the mid-1500s. The town still demonstrates the feel of old Mexico, with architecture that has been well preserved, quaint cobblestone streets, and ancient houses.
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El Cid Timeshare Shares Top Beach Spots in Mazatlán

Jul 21, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare knows that tourists travel to Mazatlán each year for a variety of different reasons. The city hosts many unique tournaments and events each year that draw in a lot of excitement and visitors. Other guests come to this city to check out all of the interesting historical sites and learn more about Mazatlán’s rich history and culture. Yet another popular attraction that people from all around the world come to this city for are the stunning beaches. When visiting the city this summer, make sure to make a stop at some of these top beach spots.

  • Gaviotas & Camaron Beach: Located in the Golden Zone, Gaviotas & Camaron Beaches are known to be the most beautiful beaches found throughout the world. This title has been given to the area because of the impeccable gold sand and top-notch restaurants that are located around the corner. Some popular activities on the beaches include sand volleyball, parachuting, diving, and swimming.
  • Cerritos Beach: This is one of the more quiet beaches in Mazatlán and offers quite a bit of serenity. For those who want to spend a relaxing day lying out on flawless white sand, then Cerritos Beach is the ideal spot. This is the most exotic beach that guests can find in the area, with stunning gardens, fresh seafood, and tasty coconut water that is available nearby.
  • Deer Island Beach: El Cid Timeshare states that the Deer Island Beach is the perfect destination for those who are looking to have a wide variety of water sports and activities available. Some of the most notable activities include snorkeling, kayaking, sunbathing, swimming, watch the various birds in the area, and sailing.
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El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Night Out at La Marina Restaurant

Jul 15, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare knows that Riviera Maya is one of the top destinations to travel to when in Mexico this summer. This city has beautiful beaches and wonderful attractions that it offers its guests who visit from around the world. Now, when guests travel to the Riviera Maya, they are able to enjoy a completely new dining experience that will truly make for an unforgettable evening.

La Marina Restaurant has recently been remodeled and is the perfect place to dine on delicious seafood and enjoy stunning views of the marina. The restaurant is open for dinner each night from 6 pm to 10 pm, and reservations are a must. Guests will be able to pick from a menu of fresh seafood options and can sit in the newly refurnished indoors, or enjoy the breeze of the ocean on the gorgeous patio outside. When on the patio, patrons can stare out at the water and watch the luxurious yachts sail by or gaze at the sky as the sunsets.

El Cid Timeshare says that one great feature of the restaurant is that it is also home to a lively nightlife. Beginning at 11 pm, this space transforms into one of the most bustling spaces in Riviera Maya. For those who want to enjoy the beats of the night, La Marina Restaurant is the ideal spot. Visitors are able to dance the night away as they enjoy great music, drink specials, and outstanding views of the moon high above in the sky.

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El Cid Timeshare Offer Relaxing Amenities

Jun 26, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare offers relaxation

Come and relax to El Cid Timeshare

When you are on vacation, it is vitally important for you to be able to diminish stress and worries and simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. To help their guests enjoy these serene moments while one vacation, the resorts offer many amenities like the ones pictured above. Guests will be overjoyed to take their spot by the beach where they can sit in the shade and listen to the wave’s crash in total comfort. By taking advantage of these offerings from El Cid Timeshare, you too will be able to experience the pure bliss of a perfect tropical vacation.

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El Cid Timeshare Reviews the Significance of the Dia de la Marina

Jun 19, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare knows that one of the best things about traveling to a new destination is that there are so many different activities, excursions, and events that people can encounter that they would not be able to back at home. One important experience that tourists must take advantage of is the variety of events that highlight the Mexican culture. The summer months are an ideal time for visitors to witness all the cultural events that occur.

One such cultural experience took place on June 1 of this year and is called Dia de la Marina. The occasion is also known as Navy Day and is perfect for both boating novices and enthusiasts alike to enjoy the events that go on. This day is all about recognizing the importance of the Navy and all that they do. The Cozumel Commander of the Naval Sector, Marco Antonio Elias Cruz Barrita, wanted to ensure that all Navy personnel are honored for their service on this day. Because Cozumel is a costal city, the Navy works tirelessly to ensure the safety of its people, serve as a line of defense, and also provides a port for a number of ships.

Being a vacation provider in the Cozumel area, El Cid Timeshare knows all of the important historical moments and events that make this place such a fascinating city. For those who are traveling to El Cid Vacations Club and Cozumel this summer, be sure to check out what cultural events might be taking place during your stay.

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El Cid Timeshare Announces New Luxury Suites in Riviera Maya

May 22, 2014 by

With beautiful accommodations all across Mexico, El Cid Timeshare has been able to provide luxury vacations to its members with endless views and accommodation. The club is now looking forward to launching 87 suites in their stunning Riviera Maya location. These suites will be available to members starting June 1, 2014. These accommodations located in the Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort will be available in a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom suite format. The suites are located in picturesque low-rise buildings that boast the architecture of the adored Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort. When members look out their window of one of the new luxury suites, they will be able to see breathtaking view of the Caribbean, starry night skies, and swaying palm trees, and the fresh smell of the ocean.

For more information on the new suites, please visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/el-cid-timeshare-set-to-open-new-oceanfront-suites-in-riviera-maya-259230051.html.

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El Cid Timeshare Reveals the Best Cultural Destinations in Cozumel

Apr 22, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare is a leading luxury vacation provider, with accommodations at El Cid’s incredible resorts throughout Mexico. Cozumel is one of these premier locations, as the city offers a number of cultural centers to appeal to any visitor who wants to expand their horizons and learn more about the country’s history and rich culture.

As the location of many historic and valuable sites, Cozumel is one of Mexico’s richest historical locations, and El Cid Timeshare is taking the time to highlight several of them, including the Museo del la Isla de Cozumel, the San Gervasio Mayan Ruins and the Museo de la Música Mexicana.

The Museo del la Isla de Cozumel is a historic building that incorporates both the history and geography of Cozumel. Built for the purpose of educating visitors and increasing community knowledge, the museum serves as a major cultural center for travelers who want to learn more about Cozumel’s rich history and heritage.

The San Gervasio Mayan Ruins may be Cozumel’s most historic location. The site was created sometime around 100 B.C., and the archaeological site has been largely untouched. It has not undergone renovation since its discovery, and is located just a short trip from Cozumel’s main areas. Visiting these ruins allows travelers to feel as if they have been transported to the past when the Mayans were the most powerful civilization in the area. In its original state and located in a natural setting, the San Gervasio ruins offer a serene retreat for visitors to Cozumel who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life near the beaches and main tourist attractions.

The Museo de la Musica Mexicana features the history of music in Mexico. Ranging from exhibits of old musical instruments to exhibits of photographs and paintings, the museum specializes in popular music and houses an extensive audio library. Music is a key component of Mexico’s long and rich cultural history, and the Museo de la Musica Mexicana is a wonderful location to learn more about the country when staying with El Cid Timeshare.

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El Cid Timeshare Highlights “The Travel Guys” Review of Mazatlán

Feb 25, 2014 by

Recently, the hosts of “The Travel Guys,” Canada’s top travel show, visited Mazatlán — the home of several El Cid Timeshare locations —  to shoot their “Best of 2013″ episode and review Mazatlán’s beauty and splendor

El Cid  Timeshare is a leading vacation provider, and it knows that Mazatlán is a premier tourist destination in Mexico. “The TV Guys,” a top travel show in Canada, recently released reviews of the vacation destination on its “Best of 2013” episode, highlighting the area’s beauty and attractiveness for visitors.

Mazatlán is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions, that “The Travel Guys” highlighted many of the most popular.  The show has been in production since 2003,  and recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. With more than 130 episodes filmed in 50 countries, the hosts of “The Travel Guys” are renowned experts in travel.

El Cid Timeshare is located in Mazatlán, a premier vacation destination. Any time someone can draw attention to how beautiful a location the area is, everyone benefits. El Cid Vacations Club prides itself in providing world-class accommodations for travelers at a number of locations around the globe.

El Cid Timeshare helps its members enjoy a premier vacation in one of the world’s most attractive vacation spots, and reviews of Mazatlán are always positive.

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El Cid Timeshare Mexico Highlights the NAFTA Cup 2014 Golf Tournament in Mazatlán

Jan 17, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare Mexico announces that the NAFTA Cup 2014 Golf Tournament was held on Maztlán, Mexico from January 12-14.

After Esteban Toledo and Jose de Jesus Rodriguez’s commanding win at the 2013 NAFTA cup, El Cid Timeshare Mexico was excited to see the equally fierce competition on the fairways of El Cid Country Club, The Campestre Mazatlan Country Club, Marina Mazatlan, the Pacific Golf Center Mazatlan and Estrella del Mar Golf Course.

Rated as one of Mexico’s best destination for golfing, Mazatlán offers several world-renowned golf courses featuring lush tropical landscaping, cool Pacific breezes and spectacular views with holes lining the beaches along the Pacific Ocean.

El Cid Timeshare Mexico notes that both amateur and professional golfers visited Mazatlán this year participating not only in the gold tournament, but enjoying the flavors, sights and sounds of Mazatlán’s rich culture. Mazatlán’s golf courses are matched only by the city’s hospitality, which features traditional historic architecture, a new tourism corridor, an aquarium and a host of beaches where visitors can relax, unwind and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.

NAFTA Cup Director Emilio Goicoechea expressed his gratitude for Mazatlán’s participation in the second annual NAFTA Cup.

“On this occasion that Mazatlan is the headquarters of the second NAFTA Cup, we are very grateful,” Goicoechea wrote in an open letter from the NAFTA Cup website.

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