El Cid Timeshare Visits the Mayan Ruins in Cancun

Apr 10, 2015 by

Mayan ruins in Cancun by El Cid Timeshare

El Cid Timeshare is one of the leading vacation properties out there, and prides themselves on offering a true example of luxury for all those who visit their vacation properties each year. Stunning resorts with beautiful accommodations amongst a beautifully manicured grounds which include amenities like beach access, swimming pools and other exotic things are exactly what those who are planning their perfect Mexico vacation will want.

El Cid Timeshare knows that travelers who want a vacation to an exciting city to enjoy a variety of fun things to do will love visiting beautiful Mazatlán. During the spring season, this exotic destination seems to sparkle from the inside out, and all those who visit will surely remember this for a lifetime.

While spending time in Cancun during the spring season, one of the first places visitors from all around the globe are sure to flock to see are a unique example of a formerly prominent culture that was once found in and around Cancun. For those who don’t know, El Cid Timeshare reveals that Cancun just so happens to be very closely located to the famous Mayan ruins. Travelers enjoy the fact that this city offers exclusive access to learning firsthand the history and culture of this interesting former society. Expert tour guides offer insight to the culture, showcasing information those who may not know much will want to learn every fascinating detail.

El Cid Timeshare shares that travelers can choose between visiting any of the popular sites located in the area. The largest and most popular seems to be Chichen Itza, but there is also nearby Tulum and Coba any of which are the perfect way to see some of the unique structures found within them. Chichen Itza’s pyramid is must see, and every traveler who visit will most likely remember this unique Cancun vacation for a lifetime. El Cid Timeshare is a go-to source for vacation activity ideas and recommendations.

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El Cid Timeshare Explores a Day in Old Mazatlán

Apr 10, 2015 by

El Cid Timeshare recommends old Mazatlan

El Cid Timeshare prides themselves on offering travelers from all around the world a top of the line vacation experience, something that every deserves to have at least once in their lifetime. What is better even yet is their customer service efforts to provide some of the best things for travelers to see and do in popular tourist areas around the world for travelers to enjoy on an upcoming trip.

Sometimes travelers hope to plan a last minute or even short term trip in order to go on a getaway that suits their schedules. El Cid Timeshare knows at times, this is the only way to accommodate a trip into a busy lifestyle. That’s why Mexico is such an excellent choice for travelers, since it is located closely to the United States travelers won’t lose too many hours being on a long flight.

El Cid Timeshare shares that the city of Mazatlán is a true gem of the country of Mexico, and every traveler who visits will love exploring the unique history of the city. One of the best sightseeing attractions is known as Centro Historico, which translates into Old Mazatlán. This is a great starting point for those who hope to educate themselves about the city’s interesting past. Be sure to bring a camera in order to capture all of the beautiful landmarks found here, including the famous (and stunning) Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Another must visit area of town is the popular boardwalk found within the city, referred to as the Malecon. Delicious food, souvenir shopping and more await all those who want to stroll down it after spending time at the beach. El Cid Timeshare reveals this city is a perfect pick for travelers to enjoy this spring, so plan a visit for a fun quick trip.

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El Cid Timeshare Explores History & Architecture in Mazatlán

Feb 4, 2015 by

El Cid Timeshare highlights architecture in Mazatlan

El Cid Timeshare offers travelers a true experience of luxury during their vacations. Every traveler who plans their visit at one of these decadent resorts is treated to top of the line accommodations and amenities, along with some of the best customer service in the business. During the winter season, visiting Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations, but many travelers might be wondering why this is so. Here are just a few reasons why you should plan a vacation here.

The truth that many travelers will find out during their visit is that this area offers an abundance of amazing things to do, especially spending time learning more about the history found here. El Cid Timeshare shares Museo Arqueologia as an art-lover’s paradise. Visitors get the chance to explore exhibits that feature information about the culture as well as the history of Sinaloa (Mazatlán’s state) along with the famous pottery they are known for.

For all those hoping for an amazing activity choice during their trip that won’t break the bank, El Cid Timeshare recommends simply walking around popular areas of town and simply spending the day sightseeing. Visitors are treated to all types of sights, but some of the best are the historical buildings, including the famous Immaculate Conception Cathedral. This is one of the most popular landmarks in the area, and travelers share a camera is a must for capturing this impressive and unique structure.

El Cid Timeshare knows the warm weather, exciting activities and of course, amazing atmosphere full of local color, culture and history are just a few of the reasons why travelers love spending time in Mazatlán so much. El Cid Timeshare shares that this area offers a lot of opportunities for deals and savings, so start planning your trip today in order to find some of these great discounts being offered.

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El Cid Timeshare Reveals Best Beaches in Mazatlán

Jan 14, 2015 by

El Cid Timeshare suggests best beaches in Mazatlan

El Cid Timeshare knows many people out there are hoping to get out of the cold for a few sunshine filled days during their winter vacation. Nothing is worse than waking up to continuous cold weather and snow when all you are missing is the sunshine. But as far as this year’s winter trip is concerned, El Cid Timeshare has got you covered when it comes to an excellent recommendation for fun in the sun. Head down to Mexico to enjoy one of the many beaches in the country, particularly Mazatlán, which is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Here are some of our favorites to spend time at.

  1. Surfer’s Paradise: For all those out there in love with the famous sport, there are quite a few beaches in the area that are home to some amazing waves. El Cid Timeshare reveals that Playa Olas Altas translates into beach of the big waves, so come here for the best surf.
  2. Romantic: For all those hoping to get away from the crowds and enjoy some quality alone time, one of the less visited but still popular beaches near Mazatlán happens to be Playa Norte. This clean beach area is home to some of El Cid Timeshare top choices for restaurants, especially fresh seafood. For a romantic dinner, invite your loved one to dine on shrimp, lobster and more.
  3. All Purpose: Playa Los Pinos is located nearby the Fisherman’s monument, and this spot is great for many reasons. Whether beginning surfers hoping to start out with the smaller stuff, swimmers who might be intimidated by tall waves or even just those who want to lounge on the beach and relax. You can even wade out in the water, cast a line and fish—you might catch something good!

El Cid Timeshare knows no matter what beach you visit in Mexico, you won’t be disappointed.

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El Cid Timeshare highlights the Mazatlan Festival of Lights

Nov 25, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare would like to introduce or re-introduce to visitors a fun festival that brings the entire town down to the beach to witness.  The festival of lights, which occurs the evening the Pacifico Marathon concludes, is a fun filled and exciting evening.  The 30 plus kilometer Mazatlan Malecon turns into the viewing stage where attendees are treated to a stunning lightshow, as thousands of fireworks light up the night sky.  Fireworks over the Pacific Ocean really provide a perfect setting and scene for this festival and the venue is one of the reasons so many visitors of residents love it so much.

El Cid Timeshare knows that families and couples are always looking for fun exciting activities to experience while enjoying a vacation.  This festival is one that truly should not be missed, the setting alone; the Malecon is truly magical.  The Festival of lights is planned after the annual Grand Pacifica Marathon concludes.  Runners will race through the streets and along the Malecon and upon concluding the party will end with the firework display of the year going off.  El Cid Timeshare knows that not everyone is a marathon runner, but fireworks are certainly a crowd favorite.

November is truly one of the best months to visit Mazatlan, several fun activities occur during this month, as it officially kicks off the busiest season for visitors.  From golf events, marathons, Mazatlan, (and Mexico) really puts on a series of fun events in November as visitors head down to escape the cold and tour paradise before returning north to the harsh winters of North America.  Mazatlan is always offering up a fun exciting activity to please every traveler during his or her vacation.

Festival of Lights in Mazatlan

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Mazatlan’s Independence Day Celebrations Revealed by El Cid Timeshare

Oct 21, 2014 by

The Independence Day Celebration was a great success.

The Independence Day Celebration was a great success.

El Cid Timeshare knows that when visitor’s traveler to amazing destinations like Mazatlán, they want to truly immerse themselves in the culture of the city. They can do this by getting involved in the many amazing events, festivals, and celebrations that go on throughout the year, and in Mazatlán, these events are always abundant. Last month, one of the most thrilling events to celebrate was Mexican Independence day and in Mazatlán, the celebrations were absolutely outstanding. For those who were unable to attend these thrilling celebrations, El Cid Timeshare shares some of the highlights.

There were three days of celebrations going on in Mazatlán for Independence Day. The first day was brought to life with a concert that showcased high end pieces. This concert was held at the Angela Peralta Theater, one of the best known sites in Mazatlán. On the second day, there was an array of entertainment being offered in the Plaza Republica. There were dancers, clowns, musicians, and other performers that brought thrills to the attendants. These performances all showcased how devoted the city is to art.

The final day of celebrations showcased a parade. Bands, military men and women, kids in costumes, and a number of other participants made up this 3000 person parade. It was a site to thrill all the on lookers and El Cid Vacations Club knows that it was the perfect way to end the celebration.

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Enjoy a Great Drink at the Macondo Ocean Deck Bar Recommeded by El Cid Timeshare

Sep 10, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare encourages visitors to enjoy the Macondo Ocean Deck Bar

Enjoy a drink at the the Macondo Ocean Deck Bar while staying at the Hotel Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort.

Travelers who are lucky enough to be spending their upcoming fall vacations at the Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico are sure to enjoy the time that they spend there. They can enjoy one of the fantastic new resort suites as well as bask in the beautiful Caribbean weather and scenery. This resort offers the best in relaxation, and now with the new and very popular Macondo Ocean Deck Bar, it offers an even greater chance for travelers to have the perfect vacation experience.

El Cid Timeshare knows that having great extras on a vacation is always something that makes the experience even greater and creates wonderful vacation memories. The new Macondo Ocean Deck bar at the resort is one of the best ways for visitors to add a bit of extra enjoyment to their trip. The bar is sleek and sophisticated and offers a gre3at space to stop and enjoy a great drink. Weather you want a delicious cocktail or an international beverage, you can get it at the Macondo.

If you really want to enjoy this bar to the fullest, you do not actually have to stay inside the bar. You can enjoy the same delicious treats and the amazing service that the bar offers even when you are not inside. Sit by the pool or on the sundeck enjoying the weather and sun and the friendly staff will bring you your order with a smile. El Cid Timesare knows that it will be a great addition to your Riviera Maya trip,  so make sure to visit the Macondo when you are at the resort.

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El Cid Timeshare Reveals Benefits of a Cancun Wedding

Aug 25, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare knows that many people are deciding where exactly they should have their wedding. The usual location for a wedding is either the hometown of the couple, or where they currently live. While this seems to make sense, there is a new trend that has been occurring. For those who are planning their wedding this year, make sure you think about all of the benefits that a destination wedding has.

One of the main reasons why people do not have a destination wedding is because the couple does not want to make their friends and family fly long distances for the special occasion. However, Cancun, Mexico is the ideal place for people to hold a wedding and can actually be beneficial for guests as well. When guests fly to Cancun for a wedding, they are able to take this opportunity to have a vacation of their own.

El Cid Timeshare says that when people have their wedding in Cancun, they also can have their honeymoon there as well. In fact, “USA Today Travel” has announced that Cancun is one of the premier destinations to have a honeymoon at. Instead of waiting several days after the wedding to go on the honeymoon, they can immediately start the celebration once the reception is over. Newlywed couples can enjoy the wide variety of attractions that are offered in the city. Not only are they able to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, but they can take a tour of the city or enjoy some delicious local cuisine.

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El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Delicious Meal at Trattoria D’Gulio

Aug 4, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Delicious Meal at Trattoria D’Gulio

El Cid Timeshare Highlights a Delicious Meal at Trattoria D’Gulio

El Cid Timeshare states that when going on vacation, many people want to enjoy different types of delectable cuisines that can be found all throughout the world. While staying at the stunning Riviera Maya property, guests can dine on a delicious meal that they will surely love. Not only does the Riviera Maya Resort restaurant offer tasty brick-oven pizzas and other Italian cuisine, but there is a relaxing atmosphere that offers soothing opera music floating throughout the space.

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El Cid Timeshare Highlights Charming Towns in Mazatlán

Jul 22, 2014 by

El Cid Timeshare states that Mazatlán has much to offer its guests. There are a plethora of stunning attractions and exhibits that visitors will find truly fascinating. Some of these attractions include the aquarium, water activities, the pristine beaches, the Angela Peralta Theater, and many other historical sites. Another great way to experience Mazatlán is by touring all of the picturesque towns that are in the area. Each town has something unique and exciting to show people and guests will be absolutely in awe of how beautiful the towns are. These are some of the top towns to check out when visiting Mazatlán.

  • El Quelite: This town is located about half an hour north of Mazatlán and offers a well-kept historic culture. When visiting this town, guests will be able to appreciate the ancient customs that the native people abide by, as well as the original architecture that dates back to old rural Mexico. Visitors are able to view this town by a walking tour, or while riding a horse or donkey.
  • El Rosario: Some of the most notable attractions in the town of El Rosario date back to the 17th century and there is some stunning architecture to prove it. A baroque temple, the church of Nuestra Señora de El Rosario, is one of the oldest buildings in the area and boasts a gold plated alter design. Other exciting sites include the Octagonal Spanish Cemetery, the beach at El Caimanero, and the Hacienda of Cocoyotl en Agua Verde.
  • Copala: El Cid Timeshare states that the town of Copala has been inhabited since the mid-1500s. The town still demonstrates the feel of old Mexico, with architecture that has been well preserved, quaint cobblestone streets, and ancient houses.
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